Saturday, December 22, 2007

Senate Bills Introduced to Expand Recycling and Reduce Waste

Thanks, Pepper, for passing on this news...

Part of the Senate’s “Green Michigan Initiative,” will help state residents become better environmental stewards by expanding recycling opportunities and reducing waste. Much of the 19-bill legislative package recently introduced in the Senate is based upon recommendations from a year-long recycling task force in 2003.

The task force recommended the establishment of a Recycling Advisory Council that would develop a statewide recycling program, review state laws affecting recycling and make suggestions for grant and educational programs. Senate Bill 889 will create the council.

The enactment of landfill bans on certain items was also urged by the task force. Senate Bill 903 will place such a ban on consumer computer electronics and encourage more recycling.

A recycling program for consumer computer electronics will be created by Senate Bills 897 and 898. Similar consumer e-waste recycling programs have been used in other states where manufacturers and recycling stations are working together to take back specific electronics.

Other measures in the legislative package will:
Provide tax incentives for companies that invest in recycling;
Create a Recycling Trust Fund to accept revenue to stimulate local recycling centers;
Develop a recycling income tax checkoff;
Implement a new inspection program for out-of-state waste sorting facilities; and
Enact key landfill bans on newsprint, certain plastics and cardboard.

Senate Bills 889-907 have been sent to the Senate Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs Committee for consideration.

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